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Lyme healing attempt #465….not really counting anymore

Healing Lyme with Herbs I am constantly searching for ways to deal with my Lyme disease and the fun times I have with it(super sarcasm). Anyone with Lyme disease knows what I’m talking about here.  Daily battles with symptoms ranging from severe anxiety, tinnitus(ringing in the ear), heart palpitations, joint pain and severe stiffness, brain fog, malaise,and the list goes… Read more →

First time for everything

There was no alarm set for today but as usual by body wakes somewhere around 6 am daily.  Shawn is off today as a holiday given because the 4th of July falls on a saturday this year. Yay!  I went out to the coop immediately as I do every day to see how the girls did through the night and… Read more →

a good day for the chickens

I began the day early heading out to walmart and publix getting my tasks done.  I got home and let the chicks out right away and prepared them their daily icy treat.  It was such a joy to see them all run around the yard enjoying freedom and all sorts of bugs to eat and mulch to dig up. I… Read more →