Lyme healing attempt #465….not really counting anymore

Healing Lyme with Herbs

I am constantly searching for ways to deal with my Lyme disease and the fun times I have with it(super sarcasm). Anyone with Lyme disease knows what I’m talking about here.  Daily battles with symptoms ranging from severe anxiety, tinnitus(ringing in the ear), heart palpitations, joint pain and severe stiffness, brain fog, malaise,and the list goes on…

Recently, a member of one of the Lyme facebook groups I am in mentioned an herbal remedy for Lyme!! It’s called “Tick Recovery, herbal extract” and it’s by Samsara herbs company and I purchased it from Amazon.  It is a mixture of Stevia(Love that stuff!), Japanese Knotweed, Cat’s Claw, Sida Acuda, and  Houttuynia Cordatta.  Stevia has been mentioned many times on the Lyme information highways I search daily so I was intrigued.  I was also extremely hopeful because of all the great reviews, but kind of freaking out a bit because of the “horrible taste” mentioned.  But if you have Lyme Disease “Desperate for relief” is an accurate description of yourself.  So I only ordered a small packet with costs running high in our health quests, fearing I wouldn’t be able to swallow the not so delicious mixture in liquid form and then the rest wasted.  It arrived today and I decided(thanks to a couple recommendations) to mix it with lemonade.  Before that first sip I sniffed it and noticed a spicy, sweet scent almost like a Chai.  I took that first sip expecting the worst….well guess what?  It’s ok.  It is not something I would ever crave but I am so grateful I got it down in under 5 minutes!!! Victory!!

Now I just have to wait and see how it affects me.  Have to admit that I felt a bit woozy and almost buzzed an hour after that first dose.  Herxing is possible in my future but just because that CAN happen doesn’t mean it will.  Staying hopeful!

And PLEASE Friends,  always check yourself and your loved ones as you come in from outdoors for ticks.

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