Tools of the Trade-microphone headsets

As a fitness instructor, there are many tools needed before you even begin.  If you choose to do any type of group fitness, you are probably going to want a great headset so your students can hear you well enough to follow along and also so you can save your breath and survive the workout yourself more easily.

I became a big fan of Amazon when I met Shawn and their huge selection and convenience of shipping with a prime account sealed the deal for me.  So I took my search to Amazon and found many options.  I am big on reviews so after reading plenty, I made my selection. Pyle wireless microphone system with belt pack.  It came with so many options, and it would work well with wireless portable speakers the gym I worked in had.

I received the system within 2 days and I was ready to roll.  Only downside was that I had to keep the transmitter box attached to my body somehow.  I resolved that issue with a sporty fanny pack.

So here I am, a year and a half later with various classes under my belt.  I have used my headset many times with the senior classes and it has been great since they are usually low impact.  Well, as I began to teach classes with higher impact, I realized wearing this contraption wasn’t working well for me anymore.  A new search was done for a completely wireless headset!  Of course, I went back on Amazon and I found it!  I received it in two days(love being a Prime member!).  Just have to charge it now and use in my next class.

The amazing thing about these headsets is that they can also be used by teachers or presenters, and some reviewers even said they can be used for karaoke(you won’t catch me singing publicly ever-be thankful).

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