Something Smells Fishy- my story of Mercury Poisoning

Just a week ago today, I received the results from my most recent blood test from the V.A. clinic.  I had not been feeling well for a very long time and although other blood tests were done in the last year, nothing bad ever showed up.  My boyfriend Shawn had pointed out some things that I did that were out of character for me more than one too many times.  His observation confirmed my own fears that I was not ok.  So this time I asked my nurse practitioner from the V.A. to perform a heavy metals test on my blood because of something Shawn had heard on the Howard Stern show of all places.

I must thank Howard, because I have finally been told I don’t have MS, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or any other chronic disease that can cause so many symptoms with no definitive diagnosis.  I have mercury poisoning. Wow!   The relief of knowing that I am not a hypochondriac was also reassuring.  My levels of Hg(mercury) in my blood were so high that the CDC and Collier County Health Department were alerted.  They needed to investigate further by phone interview with me to make sure I was not a threat to the community and that my poisoning was isolated and not caused by an environmental issue.  Fish.  Lots and lots of fish.  Different types, but lots of the “bad” ones.

After posting my results on Facebook, hoping to explain to people why I haven’t been myself for the last year or so I was just hoping to let others know the risks of eating a “healthy” diet of fish as my main source of protein.  I received so much support and then tons of questions, tons.  So I feel now it is my mission first and foremost to get healthy, and then to educate my friends and the public of this almost debilitating illness that can be avoided.  I promise to continue to blog  with a steady flow of answers as I find them.  I am also grateful and totally open to suggestions and questions.  You are what you eat!! Be kind and be healthy.

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