Easy Shrimp Risotto

IMG_3450Shrimp Risotto is one of our favorites in this house. Although I made the rice the traditional way(more time consuming), you can make your rice in a rice cooker ahead of time to speed the kitchen time up.    Enjoy!




2 cups of precooked rice

3 cups of vegetable broth

1 tbs butter

1/4 yellow onion(diced)

2 tbs garlic

1tbs basil

1 can sweet peas

1 can sliced carrots(dice before use)

1/2 cup heavy cream

1 tbs italian seasoning

1-2 tbs salt(your preference)

pepper as desired

2 cups precooked thawed shrimp



In a large saucepan on medium add butter, diced onions, and garlic and cook until browned(maybe 2 minutes).  Add rice to the mixture in pan and stir until rice is coated. Continue to add salt after each step.  Add the vegetable broth slowly as you stir.  Increase temperature in pan to just above medium and continue to stir until rice has absorbed most of broth(5minutes).  Add canned peas and canned carrots, stir.  Add heavy cream, stir until mixed and then slowly add the thawed(precooked) shrimp.   Let simmer for 5 more minutes.  Serve and Enjoy!



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