Vegetarian Meatloaf with Pureed Cauliflower

11880831_1039687402711180_168908656_nWho doesn’t like meatloaf and mashed potatoes?! If you said “Me” then go eat a salad!

When I first became a vegetarian I knew there were some favorites I would have to give up.  I never really dreamed I would ever eat anything that tasted remotely like meatloaf again.  This saddened me deeply but I knew I was on the path to healthy eating righteousness.  About a year ago I stumbled upon a website called The Chubby Vegetarian.  I didn’t want to be chubby but I saw a picture of a hunk of meatloaf just below the words.  I couldn’t believe my eyes so I read the article and then I decided to make the recipe.  Wow!  Although it was delicious, it still  didn’t taste like meatloaf I remembered.  So I decided to play around with the recipe and keep tweaking and tasting until I got it just right.  And today I am sharing it with you.  Now granted it would be best accompanied by creamy, mashed potatoes, I chose to make a healthier option : garlic, creamed cauliflower puree.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Be good today.  Be better tomorrow!


Vegetarian Black Bean Meatloaf

1 can black beans(16 oz.)

2 tablespoons Ghee

2 tablespoons garlic

1 onion chopped well(finely)

1 cup shredded carrots

1 cup mushrooms (fresh or canned and sliced)

2 vegetable bouillon cubes or 2 cups veggie broth

1 cup walnuts

1 block Tempeh

2 eggs

1 cup Panko bread crumbs

1 teaspoon mustard

1 teaspoon ketchup

1/4 cup of parmigiana cheese

1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes

1 teaspoon Turmeric

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon Liquid Smoke

1/4 cup heavy cream or half and half


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pour Ghee in to pan on medium add garlic, onions, and carrots and cook until onion is translucent(maybe 10 minutes).  Add broth , stir and set aside.  Pour mixture into large bowl and add remaining ingredients. Work the mixture with your hands until it’s thoroughly mixed.  Set mixture in frig for 10 minutes. (This is where I make my sides).  Spray meatloaf pan or line with Parchment paper to avoid sticking.  Pour mixture into pans and bake for 45 minutes.  It makes 6-8 servings( guess that depends on who you are feeding).

Pureed Cauliflower

1 head cauliflower

2 tablespoons butter or Ghee

2 tablespoons garlic

salt and pepper to taste

3 tablespoons of heavy cream , or almond milk11880803_1039688449377742_792054790_n

1 1/2 cups of water(just enough to cover cauliflower)


Melt butter in large sauce pan on medium and add garlic.  Add cauliflower that has been sliced well and brown for 2 minutes. Add water and  cream or milk.  Cover and cook for 10 minutes on medium, stirring occasionally.  Sprinkle salt and pepper, stir.   Pour contents of pan in to a blender.  Blend until smooth.  Taste and add salt as desired.  Makes 6 servings.


To complete this meal properly, choose your favorite colorful veggies to satisfy your healthy plate requirements!!!


Eat and Enjoy


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