First time for everything

There was no alarm set for today but as usual by body wakes somewhere around 6 am daily.  Shawn is off today as a holiday given because the 4th of July falls on a saturday this year. Yay!  I went out to the coop immediately as I do every day to see how the girls did through the night and to set up their food.  The ravenous young ladies started chomping immediately so I decided to start my coop cleaning.  As I was opening the doors to the coop I hear a sound I have never heard from one of the chickens.  I knew everyone was hungry so at first, I thought it was nothing but big Jaina shoving one of the smaller chicks to another spot.  I heard the awful sound again and once more as I decided to peek my head through the automatic door that leads the chicks to the run.  I was not prepared for what I saw.  One of the Australorps was hanging from her beak,lifeless connected to the feeder.My heart sank and  I dropped everything and ran back outside to the run to see if I could save her. I immediately shoved the other girls away who didnt seem to care that she was helpless and suffering(I know they are chickens but she wasn’t even trying to stand up and free herself!).  I carefully grabbed her lifeless body to raise her to a point that I hoped would free her beak and somehow save her.  After I freed her from the feeder she remained somewhat motionless until a few seconds passed and then I could feel her heart start beating very fast.  I cradled her in my arms in tears(Yes I am too emotional but I have been with these babies since they were a day old).  I tried to delicately inspect her beak and throat but saw no marks or breaks.  After about a minute or two she finally opened her mouth briefly but it was apparent that she was sore from the incident.  After a few more minutes of holding her she seemed to get antsy so I decided to set her down and see how she was.  She shot right to the underside of the coop where I can’t really get a hold of her but I think she just needed some private time to calm down.  I finished cleaning the coop while Shawn did some yard maintenance.  We had decided the night before that Shawn would accompany me to my gym(he works out at lunchtime at a gym that’s close to his work).  He has never been to LA Fitness and I was looking forward to our first workout TOGETHER.  We warmed up on a couple different cardio machines since they have so many to offer and then headed over to the free weight section(my fave). After doing a couple sets here and there having  more of an experimental workout today.   My personal goal is to firm and raise my ass to where it used to be, get stronger and finally do slow and steady pull ups. Well I am now in love with a machine at my gym.  It’s the assisted dip/pull up machine!!! OMG!! I LOVE IT!!  I also ran in to a few people I know and one surprise person that actually went to my high school and graduated same year as me.  How the heck?! His name is Ben and he came up to Shawn asking about his tshirt(long story short) we found out we were classmates.  Ben is a jacked up seriously bearded and tattooed Hasidic Jew.  A true character.  It was fun hearing the names of other classmates that on my own I couldn’t remember because of my awful memory issues lately. I did realize that if I didn’t make a break for it, Shawn and I would never finish our tasks that needed to be done before tomorrow’s big race. Shawn is headed back to the running store to register the last minute runners while I stay home and keep an eye on the chickens.  Time to make another cooking video…something chocolate of course!

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