Easy Portion Control

portion control platePortion control is simply eating the “right” amount.   While “what” you eat(calorie content, “whole” grains, lean meats,fruits and veggies,etc.) is still integrally important!  And obviously it is different for men and women and also for athletic  or sedentary people.  So what is the “right” amount?  According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans put out by the USDA and Department of Health and Human Services, and the USDA, and MyPlate.gov(which replaced the USDA Food Pyramid Guide in June 2011), you can find this information on most food label and also on various websites.   The problem is, we don’t take the time to measure.  We are always in a rush and therefore,  taking the time to weigh or measure what we put into our body becomes another hassle.  There are a couple tips that can save you time and most importantly  CALORIES!!

1) When measuring your protein whether it be meat products for you carnivores or beans  for you vegetarians, it is recommended to be about 3 ounces.

2) Pour milk or creamers in first before adding coffee or teas to be sure of the amount

3) When cooking measure the oil or cooking spray very carefully to avoid unnecessary calories

4) Feed from stove to plate instead of family style at the table which can help avoid second helpings(except at holiday dinners when you ran a turkey trot 5K that morning so you could enjoy second helpings and yummy pumpkin pie!!)

5) Best and easiest trick: buy a divided plate and USE it! It does the measuring for you! NO EXCUSES!!

Easy visuals for portion control without use of measuring tools:

Protein(3 ounces) = size of a deck of cards

1/2 cup = ice cream scoop

1 cup = a tennis ball

1 ounce of cheese = a domino

And always remember:

20% Protein

30% Whole Grains(make sure it says “whole”

50% veggies and fruit(it is usually better to go about 10% of that section in fruit since they are usually higher in natural sugars)



You can find some nice options for divided plates at various sites like Amazon or Zaks designs, and Corelle.  I would say those of you trying to lose more weight should start with an 8 inch divided plate and then once you are combining regular exercise with proper eating you can use the regular 11 inch dinner plate.  I personally like these : http://www.amazon.com/Zak-Designs-Confetti-4-inch-Divided/dp/B000PYID6O

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