Easy fried egg

fried eggThe other day I saw my friend Randall post his struggles with frying an egg without the yolk bursting.  I thought I could be a good friend and show him how I do it.  My mom had made something she called a “Suzy-Q” for me and my brothers as kids.  Basically, you take a piece of bread and core out a hole in the center that acts like a frame for the egg to cook inside of.  The great thing is you are also making toast at the same time- and who doesn’t like toast to eat with their eggs??

In frying pan on medium( coat with butter or cooking spray first) place 2 pieces of bread that you have cut holes into. Now break eggs open and pour carefully in to the cored out area. Cook until you can see the white forming on the under side of the egg, then carefully glide spatula under and flip egg/bread combo over to cook other side.  Cook for an additional 30 seconds to have an egg “over easy” or add a minute for over medium, one more minute for hard.  Enjoy!!


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